Mission and concept

Our mission

to build a ‘school of joy’ – joy of learning, joy of moving forward, joy of solving problems in a joint effort.

Our concept

Children are in the spotlight

Digitalization and development of information technology force schools to rapidly change and keep pace with modern life, which dictates new requirements for the entire educational system. A school that provides only skills and knowledge is long out of date. Modern education is a road of self-discovery and self-realization. A modern school above all should teach to learn and relearn, to build one’s own learning path based on one’s needs, talents and interests.

Our goal is to engage kids in the educational process, to motivate them to ask more questions, think outside the box and to overcome their own inner boundaries. We strive to create a safe, comfortable and fun learning environment.

Why we named the school ‘SOFT’

We’re a soft and flexible school. SOFT is an environment that adapts to the needs of a specific child. We want our school to be a space of opportunities and free meaningful choice.

SOFT is also an association with the world of information technology, with sophisticated and user-friendly software. We offer our students a variety of learning formats – a construction kit that meets all the needs of each child.

And, of course, we will pay a lot of attention to the development of soft skills: critical thinking, emotional intelligence, creativity, flexibility, teamwork and many other important social skills.

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