SOFT School – home away from home

Kids can spend the whole day at SOFT school (from 8 am till 9.30 pm) combining the main curriculum with after-school activities. We’ll also leave some free time for rest, home work and supervised playtime outside.

Our classes

This year the school has one kindergarden class and two first classes. Next year we plan to accept a new kindergarden group and we’ll also be accepting kids into first and second grades. Overall the school is equipped for four primary classes, with each class having up to 16 students.


Our students spend time outside on the closed and guarded inner courtyard of the ‘Sadovye Kvartaly’ residential complex. The school has a security guard working full-time. There is a CCTV in public areas of the school. 


We have partnered with “Pravilnaya kuhnya” company, founded by nutrition specialist Konstantin Krivoshonok. The company has experience of working with many Moscow based private schools.

Here are the main principles of our school menu:

  • we offer a variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits
  • no semi-manufactured goods and a minimum of sugar
  • simple quality products
  • natural taste with minimum flavoring
  • beautiful presentation 

If needed we can take into account individual dietary restrictions.


How many kids are there in each class?

Overall there is 4 classes in the school. Each class will have 12 to 16 students. So every child can count on the maximum attention of the teacher. 

How are the lessons held?

The main lesson format at our school is a learning dialogue. Kids work in groups, so they learn to negotiate, to play different roles and to hold responsibility for a group effort. As a result, they know how to hold a debate, reason with arguments, listen to others and respect other opinions. 

And will there be anything else apart from lessons?

Of course! School fairs, concerts, contests, conferences will all be an integral part of the school’s educational process. 

We think that extra-curricular activities should be a means of self-expression. Kids will be able to choose from music lessons, theatre club, choreography, art, sports. Or try all of them! 

How can parents track their kids’ progress?

We want to work in close cooperation with parents and will be happy to regularly share our feedback on the kids’ progress. Each child will be guided not only by the class teacher, but also by a tutor and a school counselor. If needed we will also engage a defectologist or speech therapist. Together, they will carefully form an individual development map, with the help of which parents can monitor kids’ progress and receive feedback on any possible difficulties.

What about grades or evaluation?

We want to teach kids the art of adequate self-evaluation, not to depend from other people’s opinions and to minimize discomfort from their inevitable mistakes. Therefore, we will use a formative assessment system, which involves self-assessment, mutual assessment, teacher assessment and, most importantly, subsequent corrections or a road-map for further development.

The common Russian five-point grading system will be used as one of the possible for those situations where it will be appropriate and convenient.

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