Our curriculum is based on proven teaching techniques of developmental learning. This educational system was designed on the basis of the works of world-renowned Russian psychologists – Lev Vygotsky, Daniil Elkonin, Alexei Leontiev, Peter Galperin, Vasily Davydov. The system has been successfully implemented in Russian schools and in other countries for more than 50 years.

The key features of developmental learning:

task approach

Instead of simply presenting and explaining the educational material, a system of tasks is used by the teacher. All topics are logically connected with each other, one task is followed by the next. Thereby children, starting from as early as the 1st grade, can set tasks for themselves and predict the next step of the lesson.

research-based approach

To solve an assigned problem, students are offered specially selected tasks, the implementation of which, step by step, leads children to make their own conclusions. Instead of memorizing ready-made rules and definitions they search for regularities and patterns, make their own conclusions and find the needed solution.

practice-oriented approach

The search for a problem and the completion of tasks is aimed at mastering a specific practical skill that is relevant to a child at the moment – writing, counting, etc. Thus, knowledge becomes not only a tool for problem solving, but also a means of exploring the world, studying various fields of sciences and arts.

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