Educational formats and tuition fees

Full day program

9 am till 6.30 pm
Supervision available from 8 am till 9.30 pm.

This is the recommended schooling format, which combines the main curriculum in the first half of the day with extra after-school activities in the afternoon.

We’ll also leave some time for rest and play, spend some time outside. Kids will also be able to do their  home work with the help and supervision of a tutor. Lunch, afternoon tea and dinner are included. 

135 000 rubles per month

Basic program

9 am till 2.30 pm
Supervision available from 8 am.

This is the basic schooling format, which includes the main curriculum in the first half of the day. Kids will also spend some time outside and have lunch at school. 

110 000  rubles per month

Extra-curriculum activities

3 pm till 7 pm

The extra-curriculum activities program is open for students of other schools. It’s a great option for daily after school activities and for those kids, who still haven’t made the decision to attend our school and need some time to adjust and get to know us better. We will have a music class, choir, theatre club and dance class.

60 000 rubles per month

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